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The �Priwall� is a small peninsula situated opposite of �Travemuende� (a quarter or suburb of the City of Luebeck). The river �Trave� ends here in the Baltic Sea called the �Bight of Luebeck�. 

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To get to this place you have the possibility going by car from the State of �Mecklenburg�Vorpommern� or direct with a car ferry boat from Travemuende. A third possibility is to come by boat to the marina.

The peninsula has round about 1000 inhabitants but thousands of visitors during the summer season. Mostly only for a day visiting the great beach. There are some offers of private and commercial rooms, apartments or whole houses to be rented.

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You will find a mixed choice of restaurants, pubs, beach shops there. A senior residence and a hospital as well as two camping resorts with trailer possibilities are also present. Besides the car ferry boat a small boat � only for passengers � give the possibility just to set over to Travemuende for shopping or night live entertainment.

There are some high lights during the summer season as �Travemuender Woche�, a sailing ship event with also a lot of old timers, the �Sand World�, a reconstruction of a historical city or something like that out of sand and a bunch of other events. The 4 Mast Bark �Passat� may be visited during the whole year.

The peninsula is a real recreation resort for families.

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If you have any further queries you may contact the Tourist Office of Travemuende.

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